Wanna Be My Blog Friend?

I say this all the time but, I'll say it again:  This.Blog.Has.Changed.My.Life. Just typing those words makes me feel a little dramatic but the end result is the same, this sweet little blog o' mine has continuously brought me happiness.  True, unadulterated happiness.

I'm so happy my family has somewhere to come looking for me.  I'm gone so often and even when I'm home I am rarely where I'm supposed to be.  Now, everyone can see what I have for breakfast when I'm on a road trip or what my morning clouds looked like at sea.  It's glorious.

I'm so happy that I can share photos.  I can't tell you how often I go back and look at archives so I can look at a set of photos or, how happy I get when I scroll back in time and happen upon things like monkeys in Gibraltar.  I mean, talk about having no choice but smiling.

I'm so happy that I have a reason to write.  I used to love keeping journals when I was a kid.  I'd sit in the yard and write poems and pretend to be deep....yes, I was totally that kid.  Now, I have a place to write that's all grown up and pretty.  Happy.

I'm so happy that I have to look for the good in my days.  When I write a cranky post it's nice to be indulged of course but, I can always rely on my Nautie Friends to say, 'enough of that now!'.

Okay, you get it....I like the blog....and it makes me happy.

There's just one thing.  I don't have any blog friends.

None of my friends blog.  In fact, some of my Besties think I'm a crazy lady who broadcasts her feelings for the internet....what a weirdo.

Here's something I bet ya didn't know about me.  I'm a little shy.  I don't make friends super easy.  I do just find in social situations but, I'm a teensy bit stand-offish at first.  Even if I really like you I'll be a bit aloof.

Do you know what this means in the interwebz?  I'm incredibly akward.

Twitter kills me.  I hate commenting on people's blogs even when I loved the post.

Where the eff am I going with this?

I decided to change things up.  I want blog friends so I'm going to go freakin' find some....and I'm going to do my best to not seem creepy while doing it.

I did something major.  I signed up for Bloggers In Sin City.  Nautie Friends, I feel like a totally ball-sy badass for signing up for this thing.  I know!

I'm so freakin' excited.