What's Blossoming?

A few of you may remember that I participated in an online collaborative called Reverb10.  Although we are well into the year 2011 and are not reflecting on the year 2010, a monthly prompt is still being generated and Reverb is still going strong.  In fact they've changed their name to LetsReverb - you can find them on twitter. Aprils prompt was:  What's Blossoming?

When I read this the first thing I thought was 'I Am!' - which really got me thinking - because the thought that directly followed was 'you are?  what are you really doing?!'.  I've been thinking about this ALL month long!  What I most recently realized is not only do I not know what I'm really doing....other people don't even know what I'm kind of doing.

I figured I'd use this as an opportunity to get caught up!

I'm currently in Florida - I've been here since the beginning of January - and as of this week I've officially taken all the classes necessary to upgrade my license from Second Officer to Chief Officer.  I'll be heading home this Saturday (huge sigh of gratefulness) where I'll be waiting for the Coast Guard to approve my application to sit for my licensing exam.  This may take up to a month.  While I wait I'm going to get my house in order...why you ask?  Because I put my house on the market!  I'm going to give it a shot.  At the end of May I'll be returning to Florida where I'll self study intensively for about three weeks before my week of testing.  Immediately following my test I'll be returning to work.  The good news is that I'm on a new ship!  I'll be operating in the Mediterranean instead of the Persian Gulf -yay!  I'll also get to sail with one of my favorite Captains again -yay!  That's about as far as my plan takes me....

I'll be due off my ship in the middle of September and I have no idea what I'm doing next!  Yep you heard me.  The people who know and love me are thinking -- oh great.  For those of you who don't know me....A Megan without a plan is a very scary thing.  I'm an incredibly plan oriented individual.  Not having a plan only amplifies the already prevalent neurosis.  I have some half way plans....I'll be going to New England to visit friends....that's where the plan ends.

So, all that being said I've been kicking around the words 'What's Blossoming?' A LOT.  All I really know is that I've planted some seeds (since it's spring lets pretend I planted bulbs)- and I have no idea what kind of flower to expect - but seriously...does it matter?  It will just be exciting to see some flowers!!!

What's blossoming in your lives?