Wrong turns, grumps, and Internet!


I spy with my little eye.....the new Port Mann bridge! However; I was only able to snap this shot because after getting underway this morning, I ended up taking 1 West instead of 1 East which, resulted in me being stuck in Vancouver rush hour. One teensy mistake costing me over an hour. Harrumph!

Then I was privileged enough to get the crankiest border crossing agent on the face of the planet. Wanna know what makes my blood boil? Stupid people who think they can boss me around. That's right. I said it.

The good news is I'm back in the lower 48 and it's affordable for me to use all my mobile gadgets again!!!

I should have told you all that I'd be in Canada for a week.....I apologize, I realized belatedly that it was very rude.

No Internet = Sad Megan. Such is life.

I'll be flying all night but I'll be back on track soon!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day Weekend!