Ummm....let's just pretend that I haven't been neglecting you all and just carry on....shall we?

I'm a bit of a turkey day nay sayer.  It's not really that I don't want to enjoy it - it's more like I never have enjoyed it.

My lovely Mother is a Canuck (and Mom please forgive me) not a Kitchen Goddess. Don't get me wrong she has all the potential to be a Kitchen Goddess but it's majorly not her jam.  Pair this with living in Hawaii removed from most of our family Thanksgiving was a holiday that could very conveniently be swept under the rug.

As I get older I actively work on scheming up ways to avoid Turkey Day. When you're on your own people love to take you in (bless their hearts). I will admit that my three favorite Thanksgivings have been spent with friends in their homes. 

Believe me when I say that this year I was feeling particularly proud of my Turkey Day Avoidance plan - just go to Canada I thought!  Brilliant. 

Upon arrival in Vancouver it was exuberantly announced, 'We're having American Thanksgiving for yoooouuuu!!!!'.  *commences internal groaning* I reply, 'oh yay!  Sounds fun!'  

It was FUN.  It was YUMMY.

The Fixins'

The Fixins'

It was Sleeping Ninja Turtles (must have been the tryptophan). It was playing Pirates (because Auntie Mei Mei loves playing pirates *eye roll*). It was FAMILY. 

Sleeping Turtles

Sleeping Turtles

It was the best Yanksgiving EVER.  Thank You Canadian Family.