You're simply the best - better than all the rest!

Nautie Friends, wanna know something crazy?

October 19th was Nautiemermate's one year birthday!!!!

I told you....CRAZY!

Nautiemermate has been a very good thing for me - it's put my camera back in my hands, gotten me in touch with long lost relatives and friends, and has provided me with a creative outlet.  Most importantly it's given me incentive to find the positive in my days - especially when I'm at sea.  Who wants to hear me whine non-stop...I certianly don't and besides, I don't have time to whine because I have to keep my eyes open for dolphins....or other blog fodder!

I really hope that Nautiemermate has been good for you too!  I love knowing that you're out there reading away.  On cranky sea days finding some comments never fails to give me warm and fuzzies.

I have big plans for this little slice of the internet pie.   I also have big plans for myself - I have thoughts and ideas that I never would have had before wading through the nautie waters.

Soooo, thanks for reading the blog and sticking with me.....(imagine me channeling my inner Tina Turner).....You're Simply The Best!  Better Than All The Rest!



(translation - although I'm sure you figured it out:  happy birthday nautiemermate!!!!!!!!)

My housemates (being the awesome Nautie Friends that they are), helped me throw a little birthday bash.  Complete with whoopie pies, gluten free lemon bars, a red velvet cupcake - and duh, a cornucopia!

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