Here's a little bit about Fujairah (Fuj).... When you approach Fuj the radar is cluttered with hundreds of vessels.  At a quick glance it is easy to notice that almost all of the anchored vessels are tankers.  Within the anchorage limit there are various designations - they are lettered A,B,C, etc.  For the most part B (bravo) is the busiest because this is where vessels do dangerous liquids transfers.  Fujairah is one of the cheapest bunkering ports in the world (for my non-nautie friends...bunkering means taking on fuel - for ourselves).  It is sometimes much more cost effective for vessels (especially large ones) to go out of their way (i.e. burning fuel) to receive bunkers here.  This is sheer speculation however, I would say that of the vessels not briefly stopping in Fuj for bunkers 85%  are spot chartered and are simply waiting for cargo orders.  Fujairah is very strategicaly located - vessels can quickly head into the Persian Gulf, cross the Indian Ocean, head down into the Gulf of Adean and up the Red Sea, etc.

The air quality here is awful.  The haze is thick and slightly discolored.  Think L.A. at its worst!

When you enter the Fujairah basin there are at least 100 supply boats rafted up just waiting to make a run to the outer anchorage.  On a scale of one to ten Fujairah gets a one in the picturesque port category.  Beautiful port it is not.

The Seaman's Center is within the port limits and it is one of my favorite places to get a diet 7-up.

I've officially been trying to post photos for an hour.  I'm going to chalk it up to a poopy satellite connection (it would probably be more accurate to say it is due to sharing a poopy satellite connection with 20 other people) and give up.  Maybe tomorrow.