Jebel Ali

Goood Mooorning Jebel Ali!  Thank you for such a beautiful sunrise this morning!

Fish piles galore!  The birds and dolphins were  having a feast!  My watch partners were laughing at me because I got super excited and yelled out 'Holy smokes!  It's a Marine Wildlife Frenzy!!!'  My shipmates have been teasing me all morning about my wildlife enthusiasm....

We were in prime fishing boat real estate.

I really liked these fishing boats were because they were a little different from the traditional Dhow hull.  They were playing with eachother to fishing traps.  It kind of reminded me of Singapore and the junks through the Straits of Malacca.

I figured I better add this photo as well.  We  had so many delays entering Jebel Ali (which is pretty much the norm) that wasn't morning anymore