Marine Debris

I think every sailor agrees that throwing garbage over the side can turn an otherwise ho-hum day into the best day ever.  If you are a true shipmate and you have something 'big' going over the side you notify your friends so they can be present for the splash.  The bigger the splash the better.   Sometimes if I'm feeling like I need some stress control I'll look for something that I can chuck over the side.  Every now and then we have competitions to see who can huck things the farthest.  It is really fun when things catch air and glide.  But, I personally think a big splash is the most satisfying. 

If I'm really in need of stress management I look for things to take a crow bar to.  Like gotta poke holes in them before you throw them that they sink better.  That is almost as good as weedwacking the yard.

I'm sure people wonder how we manage our garbage....we basically can throw anything over the side when we are in open sea....except plastic of course.  I'm a plastic nazi after seeing the albatross carcasses on Midway.

I was throwing paper over the side.  I tried to document the splash.  It was really fun.  Definitely the highlight of my day.  This happened yesterday but I didn't finish the blog so they never got posted....they were too good to pass up.

This blog is not intended for the environmentally devout. 

This post is dedicated to my Auntie who things that Marine Debris would be a beautiful name for a girl.  I kinda definitely rolls off the tongue.  Minus the whole plastic island thing.