potable water is soooo overrated.

Before I begin my rant I'd like to state for the record that while it may appear that I'm complaining I'm actually just 'venting'.  I also understand that my 'venting' is childish and selfish.  These temporary inconveniences are simply the tell tale signs of productivity and forward motion.

We are currently at a lay berth in Fujairah where our potable water system is receiving a major overhaul.  The interior of our fresh water piping is severely corroded.  This has led to rusty discolored water and very low water pressure.

The large black hose shown in the photos is being run up through the pipe trunk and is our temporary water source.  The water has been secured to one side of the vessel at a time.  For the last two days the water has been secured to the starboard side (that iswhere I live).  No big deal...I mean, who needs to flush their toilet?!

This huge task is being completed by a large amount of TCN's.  TCN is a term used in the middle east for foreign workers.  I believe it stands for Third Country National.  The majority of the workforce in Middle Eastern countries hail from India, Pakistan and the Phillipines.

One cool thing about the TCN's is that they eat really good food!  Sometimes if they are here for an extended period of time they'll supply their own cook.  He'll cook alongside our own stewards department.  This is good for us because we'll get to sample some amazing curries!  Because this is a relatively short job (and since we're pierside) they have been sending someone on food runs.  They love to share their food and get excited when you want to try new things....it's usually waaay to spicey for me!  They thought me taking photos was pretty cool.

Last night I washed my hair in the laundry room sink and this morning I brushed my teeth and washed my face in one of the QMEDs room (since he lives on the port side).  My Mantra has been "attitude:  the difference between adventure and ordeal".  I have to say though, the mantra is getting stale.  I'd really just like to flush my toilet!  I think I did a good job keeping the ranting to a minimum....