Who is Voldemort?!

I recieved an e-mail first thing this morning that said: 'You kinda lost me in today's blog, I got confused with titles and cover names and really what was going on... But I enjoyed the creativity of it all!'

That is like parent teacher conferences....your teacher has just told your Mother that you are lazy and stupid and then to soften the blow she says you have a great imagination.

Here is a brief recap (because I really don't want to be so creative you don't know what I'm talking about!):

Voldemort was the evil wizard in Harry Potter.  He was soooo evil that people didn't say his name and called him He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  Our Steward (who is the person in charge of the galley....which includes all the ordering and cooking....as well as hospitality....linens and cleaning) was fired.  The Steward reminded me of an evil wizard so I named them Voldemort for the blog....because I don't want to get in trouble for blogging about people.  Our Chief Cook (who is directly below the Steward in the hierachy of things) had quit about a week ago because they were tired of working with the Steward (probably becuase they reminded me of an evil wizard and I don't even work in the same department!).  That meant that there was no one to cook!  The Bosun (he is in charge of the unlicensed deck department) and I did all the cooking for three days.

The cooking turned out to be fun but required a little creativity (which apparently I have spades of).  For example there were four boxes of Pollock and four boxes of Tilapia not one box of Salmon!!  I mean really...I've never bought a filet of Pollock in my life and in Hawaii Tilapia can live in sewers and gutters. 

Having to think of something reminded me of Lemony Snicket because there is always something.

To make a long story short:  I had fun in the galley.

Little Miss Sunshine....the fact that my Harry Potter analogy got lost on you is soooo disappointing....