The Suckiness Of Cool Crap.


I took this photo yesterday to send to my Cousin Rhiannon. It was an on the fly snap shot. It's literally my bedroom floor. I was trying to illustrate my 'suckiness'. Unpacking. It is the thing I suck at the most. My room consists of tons of little bags full of crap. Tote bags. Wheelie bags. Make up bags. The less I unpack the more filled with crap they become. Then I'm home for an extended amount of time and the crap starts oozing out of the bags. Then before I know it I'm off on an adventure (even if it's just a weekend adventure) and I just shove the crap (and then a little extra crap) back into their respective bags. See! Suckiness! After I took the photo and sent it along it started to crack me up. I mean look what's in it!

Goggles. A single wool sock. A hot pink scarf that I bought in Singapore and ALWAYS travel with. A postcard from the academy soliciting alumni donations. A black cashmere wrap. A travel drying rack. The handle of my favorite duffel. A power cord. A wool beanie that is stained with mud from the anchor chain.

And YES. That crap is still on my bedroom floor this morning. Although it looks like its been stirred up a bit. Fabric for pillows I'm going to sew, a leather belt, a stack of bills, and a travel shopping bag have been added to the pile.

My Mom always says, 'yes you have a lot of crap....but at least it's COOL crap!'.

I concur. My crap is cool.