The Nautieness Is Amazing!

Nautie Friends!  You're so freaking NICE!!!!!! This week there has been an insane amount of NICE around here.  Sarah Von over at Yes and Yes has something called 'Network of Nice'.  I think it's safe to say that we have officially developed a Network of Nautie (since I prefer to think of myself as much more NAUTIE than NICE).

I'd like to review the evidence which most assuredly points to some intense NAUTIENESS.

When I admitted I'd been in a funk you my lovely Nautie Friends, rallied.  Since I'm sure you all don't check the comments compulsively like my darling mother let me fill you in.

Bridget helped me put drama into perspective.  It was one of those times when you read something and then think to yourself, "YES!  That is exactly right!".  Thanks for the share Bridget!  My Mother (the comment reader) also pointed out that this post on drama received 628 comments!  A girl can only dream.

Marilyn suggested the Funky Broadway Dance.  No lie, the Ladies and I Funky Broadway Danced around the kitchen.  True story.

Little Miss Sunshine said, 'GET SOME EXERCISE!'.  Okay, okay....for the record...I DID!

Which leads me to the next bit of Nautie...

When I said that I'm working on getting fit....again...rallying occurred!

Ivy immediately texted me inviting me over to partake in a little exercise at her place.  Butt kicking ensued.  Have you all heard of Body Rock?  It's kinda like a blog where women who look like porn stars work out and then help you work out.  It's pretty Nautie (I almost mean naughty).  Me strangely likey.  Then she showed me this app where you basically create a circuit training timer.

Here is where things get super duper Nautie.

Russ emailed my Cousin Rhiannon and left her the nicest note ever.  PLUS, he donated to this years Ride To Conquer Cancer.  Russ, you blow my mind sometimes.

This community of Nautie Friends amazes me.  Over and over again.  This blog which began so I didn't have to write so many emails while at sea, has changed my life.  I know, I know....cliche.....but, so true!  There may be only a few of us but, there are certainly enough of us to crew a ship....and really, how many more people do you need than enough to crew a ship?!

Thank you all for making me feel blessed.