Beet Lovin'

Okay, let me start with what I have decided is a funny story.  It is important to note that many times when I decide something is majorly isn't.  This may be one of those times.  I really, really love beets.  Did you guys know this?  No?  It's true.  Love them. I'm always looking for new ways to prepare them.  Mostly because I eat them so often that I get bored with my 'go to beet recipes'.  When I was in Vancouver, my Cousin Rhiannon bought a bunch of beets.  I was immediately like, 'ooooh....what are you doin' with those little girl....?' it was borderline creepy how into her beets I was.  Beet and Orange Salad.

I got home and immediately forgot how to make Rhiannon's Beet and Orange Salad.  Obviously, I sent a text message requesting the recipe because really, who picks up the phone anymore?!  Of course, in typical Megan fashion I was trying to make this salad very quickly while on my way out the door.  I was trying to take it over to a friends house....proper prior planning?  Riiiiggght.

Long story short.  I didn't have ANY of the ingredients.  If she said Red Wine Vinegar I just threw in Apple Cider Vinegar.  If she said Olive Oil I used Coconut Oil.  If she said Dijon Mustard I used Whole Grain Mustard (I think this counts a Dijon too but, it wasn't the smooth kind....).  You get the picture.  Needless to say, it wasn't FABULOUS.  But, I took it anyway.

They liked it!  Hahahaha!  My friends liked it!  They even asked me for the recipe!  Here's what I think is funny:  I totally wrote down Rhiannon's recipe and then said, 'ummm....thats what it was supposed to taste like....'!  That's funny, right?!

Hey, side note (also known as an overshare):  When I sent Rhiannon a note a few days later telling her I had something funny to tell her she was all, 'OMG!  Did your pee turn bright red?!  Did you think you had to go to the emergency room?!'.  To which I responded 'nooooo....I mean pee turns bright red...but that's not what I was gonna say!'.

Did you guys know that only 10-14% of the world's population experiences red pee?!  It's a genetic phenomenon known as beeturia.  No lie!  What's more is that red pee might indicate an iron deficiency.  We can thank this article for that bit of info.

I decided yesterday to take the beet salad to a new level.  I roasted it.  I simply put beets and oranges (and coconut oil....because I don't do much in my life without coconut oil...but thats another post) in a roasting dish and roasted away.  Yum-o.

There you go.  A funny(ish) story, a science lesson, and some cooking advice (roast those beets!).