30x30 :: Biker Babe

Okay fine. I'm not really a biker babe but I did check off another item on my list! 4. Ride on the back of a Harley – or other certifiably bad ass bike….preferably with a bad ass biker.

I had fun! Although, I will say that I think I need more practice to actually be considered a biker babe. I got a little nervous going around corners and also whenever I saw gravel up ahead....but all in all I think I kept my cool. My certifiably bad ass biker actually had a tougher go of it than I did. Apparently, 'I kept trying to steer'. No one's surprised, right?

The bike itself was brand spanking new. It's a Triumph Scrambler and I must say it was pretty rad. As far as presents to self go I deem this an excellent one!  Thanks so much for sharing it with me and my silly list!

Nice bike Bad Ass Biker - Congrats on having your first C/M trip under your belt - Squuueeeee!!!!!!!!!