I'm pushing 30!!! I've officially got 2 years to go 6 months to go 3 months to go! In the spirit of turning 30 I've compiled a list of 30 things that I'd like to have accomplished or experienced by my 30th birthday. Here goes:

1. Go downhill skiing in Whistler with my cousin Rhiannon

2. Learn to make Sushi

3. Go camping solo

4. Ride on the back of a Harley - or other certifiably bad ass bike....preferably with a bad ass biker. I'm officially a Biker Babe in training!

5. Drink a cup of coffee with no milk and sugar. Espresso in Italy? Yep.

6. Go hot air ballooning - Heellllooo Napa!

7. Finish folding 1,000 origami cranes (I'm currently at around 700)

8. Do something sassy to my hair

9. Read Anna Karenina

10. Host a tea party.  Mimosas?  Success!

11. Go to a ball - or have somewhere to wear a ball gown

12. Research Bessie McAndrews my Great-Grandmother...this may require a trip to Ireland

13. Run a 5k

14. Send an e-mail to the ladies behind my three favorite blogs. One down - Two to go.

15. Go geocaching

16. Make a coffee table book of my favorite photos

17. Make spaghetti sauce and can it. Check! Turns out....canning is hard!

18. Work on a lobstah boat (even for a day) and then boil my own bug!

19. Attend a water aerobics class

20. Do the cool camera trick where you get shapes of light by covering the lens with a cut out (bokeh).  All kinds of twinkly goodness went down!

21. Join a book club. Ta-da! Feel free to check out Nautie Books! or stop over to one of the Forums! Join in! It's fun!

22. Take a jewelry making class

23. Ride in a helicopter

24. Cook a pot roast ~Way more fun than I thought! See HERE!

25. Make a style board using photo shop  Yay Online Blogshop!

26. Put a 100 dollar bill in a street (or subway) musicians hat if the mood strikes me.  Life really is pretty good.

27. Go to a spa for the day (can you believe I've never been to a spa?!)

28. Longboard in Waikiki

29. See a major ballet company perform The Nutcracker (I've only seen my local ballet troupe do this - but I'd love to see the real deal).  It wasn't The Nutcracker.  It was Coppelia.  It was also Awesome.

30. Make yougurt. So easy. So yummy.