30x30 :: Host A Tea Party

I really wanted to have a Tea Party - and there just didn't seem to be a good time to do it. I decided this one was do or die.  My friends were never all going to be able to come.  The weather was never going to be just perfect.  I was never going to have a Jane Austen worthy garden to sip tea in.

Then I decided if it's my party I can do whatever the eff I want and call it whatever the eff I want.

I hosted a tea party and there was not a single damn drop of tea served.

Now, Mimosa's?  Mimosa's were served.

It ended up being a very small gathering of some of my favorite people.  There was even a baby and a dog.

I had a yougurt bar.  (With homemade yougurt - heeey yo! Mamacholla!) Cheese and crackers of course.  (Served on a silver sailboat platter - woot! Em you da bomb! - tucked between world class art - House Ladies you got some skilllz!)  There was coffee cake and Baked Brie.  Get this, there was even Lobster Quiche!

There was a coffee station - serving orange goodness' of course.  The real attraction?  The Mimosa's.

Fall colored flowers in mason jars made the day feel extra special.

All in all?  I'm calling The Tea Party...a Success!