The Girl From Hawaii Provides A Winter Survival Guide

Winter is a-comin' my friends, winter is comin'.  Quickly. Do you suffer from The Winter Blues?  I do.  Majorly.  We're about a week into frosty weather and I can already feel them sneaking up.  I haven't met one yet but, I bet even hardened Mainers get a bit of the blues come mid-winter.

It's taken me awhile but I now have a few survival techniques tucked under my belt.  When the blues creep in I have a few trusty go-to's that help save the day.  Since I firmly believe that sharing is caring I've compiled a list of things that hopefully might help cheer you up for those days.  You know the one's I'm talking about....they go like this:

You wake up and there is only the tiniest section around your body where the sheets are warmed - this makes you cranky.  You absolutely don't want your feet to touch the floor but, you get out of bed anyways.  You can't find your slippers so you have to search under the bed for them and now, your knees are cold too.  You hop into the shower.  You really want to wash your hair but can't because you don't have time to blow it dry and you don't want it to freeze.  Ugh.  You're flying out the door - shit, I was supposed to start the car ten minutes ago.  Now your windows are too frosty (or icy) to leave - so you dig around in the backseat for the scraper - which you can't find.  You're now officially late.  You use the washer fluid and make a tiny window to see out of [read:  not safe - don't do this].  Your lips are cracked.  Your skin is dry.  You feel like baby beluga in your huge winter coat.  The plow has left a huge snow bank at the bottom of your driveway.  Have I mentioned that it's still dark out?  You go to class or work.  You complete the day.  Did I mention that it is dark again?  You rush to the car - it's freezing.  Get home and scrounge up some dinner.  Sit in the living room under blankets with a hat on - heat is expensive damnit.  Dread going to bed - you already have a warm spot on the couch.  Begin Again.    

Here it is.  The girl from Hawaii's list of winter coping mechanisms!

Megan the Nautie Mermate's Winter Survival Guide


Drink Water.  You know those cracked lips?  That Alligator skin?  It means you're dehydrated.  Winter is cold, and drrrryyyy.

Fruit.  That's it.  Eat fruit.  When people tell me that they prefer to 'eat seasonally' I can't help but roll my eyes at them.  Listen, just drop a mango into the grocery cart.  I know, I know, it's expensive but, oh so worth it.  When you bite into a tiny bit of the tropics in the dead of winter you'll be thanking me!

Invest In A Smashin' Coat and Rockin' Pair Of Boots.  You're going to wear a coat and boots every day.  Advice?  Winter Coats add about twenty pounds - find something fitted.  Uggs are awesome but.  yes but.  find something that can withstand getting a little wet.  It's totally okay to wear the same coat every day.  

Get a Scent.  Yes a scent.  There is nothing as powerful as smelling like summer!  My favorites:  Ola (made on the Big Island), Pacifica (I use the solid because it travels better) and, Bobbi Brown (Baisey loves this one).

Get Furry Slippers.  Find a pair of house slippers (I call them booties) you love.  I swear by L.L.Bean's Wicked Good Slippers.  It is 100% acceptable to take these with you wherever you go.  Your friends don't turn up the heat just because you come over.  Just Sayin'.

Embrace Your Inner Child.  Build a snowman!  Make a snow angel!  PLAY!  It will make shoveling the driveway just a little bit more bearable.  Snow can be fun...remember?!

Join The Y.  Because I guarantee you're not going to wanna take a walk after work.  Group exercise, baby, group exercise.  Plus, maybe you'll make some new friends.  Or maybe, they'll offer a jewelry class that you can't resist.

Treat Yo'Self.  To colorful toenails.  Your feet are in boots all day?  Who the eff cares?  I say, HOT PINK!  Feeling like you can splurge?  Two Words.  SpA PeDi!

Oil Up.  Trap that moisture!  I slather my body in coconut oil when I get out of the shower.  Want an added pick me up?  I lurve Monoi Tiare.  (This one also counts as a scent!)

Ask For a Remote Starter.  There must be someone in your life who loves you enough to buy you a remote starter for your car.  If not.....give me a call....I'll totally help you justify putting this on an almost maxed out credit card.  Pre-heated seat?  Nuff Said.

Buy Some Flowers.  Either cut flowers or a colorful orchid.  This matters.  Do it.  Every time your eye passes it will provide the teensiest amount of  happiness.  I promise.

Make a Playlist.  Put on your summer songs.  Crank them up.  Dance around the kitchen in your slippers.  Try The Nautiemermate Original.  It's my go to mix.

Email Me.  I'll say whatever you need me to.  Want to vent?  Want to cry?  Want permission to drink in the middle of the day?  Drop me a note.  For realsies!

How do you combat the winter blues?