A Reader Survey

Nautie Friends,

Do you know what's hard to believe?  I've been blogging here for over 4 years!

In that time I've lived in Hawaii, Maine, Texas and, have winged it with no home.  I've sailed on 5 different ships.  I've travelled, coffee'd, wine sipped, birthday'd, sailed, mused, promoted, demoted, dolphin spotted, sunrise watched and blogged my little heart out.

This blog has solidified relationships, provided a creative release, been a last ditch effort for friends and family to figure out where I am and, has kept me grounded through all the changes.

My life is in transition and, I can't help but just tug this blog along with me.  As I freshen things up in my own life I think it's only fair to freshen things up here on the blog.

Will you please take the time to complete this Reader Survey?  I'd love hear what you have to say!  I think it's only fair you all have a say in the freshening process!


Thank you for taking the time to complete this Reader Survey!  This survey should only take about 5 minutes.  Your responses will absolutely remain anonymous and drum roll please....

If you complete the Survey you will be entered to win a $10 gift card!  Win!

*embarassing editors note:  I created the Survey without a way to know who was taking it!  I want to follow through on the $10 gift card!  Would you please take one small extra step to drop your name in the comments section - or if you'd like to stay anonymous shoot me a quick email: nautiemermate@gmail.com - again, apologies!

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