Santa Barbara Islands

I'm shoreside once more.  I took an early vacation from work - because I've got something up my sleeve.

The Longshoreman 'slowdown' (i.e. inability to finalize their contract which now requires a federal mediator to prevent a strike) (here's a secondary i.e. Hawaii residents get your toilet paper, rice and spam now before it starts getting rationed) really slowed us down as we came up the coast.  There were about ten container ships drifting off the coast of Monterey....including us.  For the record that's a very, very strange thing to see.  Please note:  I'm glossing over this Longshoreman business because they're one of those things that can get me ranting and raving and frothing at the mouth...kinda like my pirate rants...

The good news is the weather was lovely.  There were gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, misty mornings, quiet islands and gorgeous bay views.  

I'm now sipping a coffee while I snuggle with Chihuahua's which basically means I'm at my California bliss point.

Hope you're all reaching your own bliss points!