A Whale Tale

I was treated to a lovely sight a few days ago.  Standing a routine bridge watch I saw signs of a whale up ahead.  Of course I ran to get Big Bertha. Now, I must admit that Big Bertha is fairly well accessorized however; knowing that she was going to be taking a trip that required more work clothes than normal she opted to leave her chunkier jewels at home (meaning, I left her big lens behind and brought one for daily use).  I think Big Bertha is missing her chunky gems - especially when she sees a whale up ahead!

I waited patiently on the bridge wing for the whale to pass by.  This kind whale waited on the surface for me the entire time I was approaching and then, flipped up its tail in a friendly little wave.

And now for the rest of the story: when I say 'that I saw signs of a whale up ahead' what I mean is that I saw 'em blow.  I struggled with exactly how to write this out....so of course I turned to google and got me some learnin'.  If you'd like to read about Blowhole's try this from Wikipedia.  I'm not exactly sure that I knew that it was only air coming out....I think I thought there might have been some water involved.  Then I saw a link involving whales and rainbows.  Whales and rainbows?  Yes please!  Sadly, my web filter did not condone video feeds but, this sounds delightful and I think you should watch it and tell me about it:  Whale shoots rainbow out of blowhole.