Hudson River, NY :: Gorgeous

I wasn't too excited about a 12 hour river transit.  Mostly just because it means less sleep and more time on the bridge in pilotage waters (for me and my gang).  Let me just say, if you ever get to transit the the Hudson River:  Get Excited. It's gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Not only is it gorgeous but, there is alot to look at along the way.  Tons of historical landmarks, gorgeous homes on hills, FDR's birthplace, schools for monks, and brick factories.  (I think the Pilot said that at one time there were over 200 brick factories along the river some of which have been beautifully preserved.) 

One of my favorite parts was looking at the lighthouses.  It was very easy to imagine living in one although, I imagine in the winter it might become sa drag.  Some of them have been converted in to B&B's (which I think would make for a delightful getaway).

I also throughouly enjoyed going under some of the bridges.  Definitely fun to take photos of.

I created an album....because I couldn't choose 'just a few'....

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