Airport Madness

Isn't it amazing how when you are at the airport outlets become a precious commodity? How buying a snack means spending twenty bucks and Starbucks adds a buck to the price of your latte? How your body temperature fluctuates between boiling hot and freezing cold? How the carry-on that seemed so well packed and pared down now feels like the contents are shifting with every step and may cause permanent damage to your neck, shoulders and back? How airlines employees get subsequently ruder, less efficient and downright obstinate with every flight you take? I remember how much I looked forward to flying as a kid....I flew to Canada every summer. I was treated like royalty in airports as a solo youth flyer!!! I used to plan my outfit weeks ahead of time. Stretchy pants, sequined shirts, metallic LA Look high tops - throw a side pony tail in there for good measure!!!

Now I grit my teeth and bite the sucks when you have to buy your own ticket!! Airline employees look at me like a bug because I'm not an elite member. Someday elite status will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine!! Today's outfit consists of jeans, a shirt and uggs. I think if I had metallic LA Look high tops on the one hour spent at the ticket counter sorting out my flight mix up would have been far less painful.

Attitude is everything!!! The nicer you are the harder it is for 'them' to be mean to you :)

(I just typed this whole thing on my iPhone....I'm not proofreading!)