Link Love...

On a Wednesday?!  Well, I figured you guys hadn't gotten any link love in awhile!  Plus, I'm flying to Seattle this evening....and while I plan on taking tons and tons of photos I'm not sure how much blogging I'll do....although, I do plan on lots of mobile iPhone blogging :) ENJOY!

Of course I'm recommending looking at had 'pink' in the title!

Does anyone else question their Facebook usage?!  I spend waaay too much time lurking on sickens me sometimes....but try to get rid of it!  Not as easy as it seems!  I would love to take a break from Facebook.

Women who wear makeup make more money?!  Well...that clears things up.

Mason Jar Pendant Lights - nuff said.

This one is dedicated to Baisey.  She introduced me to VW love ;)

How easy does this look?!  I think baby jars might be one of those super useful things that constantly get thrown away.  Also...Donna I'm not sure if you're reading this....but, I can totally see this being something you and Bob would love guys are the garden masters!!

Daffodils?!  Yes Please!

I found a new blog!  Gala Darling!  It's pretty girly - she recommends 50 things every girl needs for summer....I couldn't have agreed more!

I've been loving the photos posted by Soul Surfer.  Very beachy.

A long while ago I recommended pinterest.  Here's my exciting new development:  I have my own pinterest account!  It took forever for them to send me an invite....however, now that I'm one of the cool kids I can send out five invites....if anyone would like a pinterest account let me know!  I'm not sure how to find individual people...but I'm there as nautiemermate.

Okidokie, out of time....that's all you get.......gotta run to class!