Travelin' Tootsie Tuesday :: Meet Jen-Jen

I haven't forgotten about showcasing Tootsies!  This week I'm pleased to introduce my friend Jen-Jen.  I'm so proud of this chica!  She's shipped commercially (like me), made a seamless transition into shoreside employment, and traveled all over the world in mega style....she's had some major adventures! Must have’s

  1. Feather Pillow from LL Bean and Brookstone Nap Blanket - which was a purchase after a couple overseas flights and realizing that the airplane blankets were just not cutting it and I was freezing my toosh off.  Now it even goes with me on the short flights to New England.  Usually I always have a pashmina to work as a blanket and scarf as well.
  2. Empty water bottle -  I refuse to buy water in the airport and it always comes in handy at my destination, especially after a night of one or two drinks and you need to pound some water.
  3. I Pod/ Shuffle/ Headphones - half the time I don’t listen to it but it’s comforting to know that it’s in my bag for a long plane ride or for a jog while on vacation/business travel.
  4. Comfortable Shoes – flip flops in the summer; dansko clogg’s or Ugg Boots for the winter, and always a pair of sneakers for days of sightseeing or to get a daily work out in.
  5. A couple of purses – I usually have my large general purse that is a standard color, black, brown or red, but I always need a couple of clutches or smaller purses for the nights out on the town.
  6. Fun Reads – Always a good girlie book and trashy magazines ex: US Weekly or OK.
  7. Jewlrey Assortment – Couple pairs of earrings (studs and dangles), bracelets and a lot of fun or classic necklaces (certain occasions the pearls must come along).  My first business trip overseas (Greenland and Denmark) I had a different necklace a day, as the only women in a group of men they did notice I had several necklaces with me (they also commented about the amount of shoes I had as well).
  8. Plastic baggy that fits FAA standards – This is always max filled and breaking the Ziploc with the essentials: advil and advil PM, toothpaste, contact case, extra contacts, solution, mascara, perfume, eye shadow (which I hardly ever wear), daily face wash and moisturizer with SPF, shampoo and conditioner (hotel products don’t cut it), tweezers and nail clippers.  There are probably other miscellaneous items currently in my baggy and if I can’t remember them I probably don’t need them, but my reasoning is you will never know if you will need them or not - so pack them.
  9. Cell phones, cell chargers, camera, camera charger, and overseas adapter so I can stay connected
  10. Huge carry-on bag – Which a lot of the above things are packed into and I have two favorites, my red, white and blue striped LL Bean Tote Bag or my Ex-Large Vera Bradley overnight bag – both are huge but still squeeze into just about any nook or cranny.
  11. Clothing – Cute going out outfit with heels, along with a suitcase of several more outfits and clothes (half or more I don’t wear)
  1. Water/Beach – swimsuit, cover up and cozy dress
  2. Ski/Winter – Ugg boots, Down Jacket, lounge pants, own ski boots, sweater and jeans

Honestly I hate packing and I am bad at it, I am such an over packer!  It’s one reason I decided going to sea wasn’t for me.  A whole day of packing to go back to a ship, uck!  It use to cause a lot of turmoil between my significant other and I, and sometimes it still does.  I just say “I am carrying all these bags, so don’t bitch about what or how much I am packing”

This girl cracks me up!  I'm such an over packer too!  What also cracked me up  how similar my must have items are!  Now lets hear about some of her oh-so-fab trips!  I let her submit more than one :)

Though I don’t like to pack or unpack I still love to travel for either leisure or work, here are some of my favorite travel memories: I have been to some very exciting places in the world!

  1. One of the most relaxing vacations was a two week sail trip in BVI.  We chartered a 46’ Beneteau around Tortola and Virgin Gorda.  You can’t beat waking up to splashing waves on the hull, throwing on your swim suit and diving into the crystal clear blue waters, then sailing the day away from destination to destination with a cocktail in hand.  It was an amazing vacation and one that I hope to do again sometime soon.
  2. One of the most exciting, adventurous and learning/business trips was to Denmark/Greenland.  Shortly after coming shoreside I was informed I would be going to Denmark for my first training module, though to pack warm clothes, hat, mittens and long underwear.  It was January in Denmark what do they expect, I would come in flip flops; I am from the Northeast I know how to dress in inclement weather.  Any how I made it to Denmark and had two days to explore all by myself.  This was really my first time travelling overseas and having 2 days to entertain myself.  I had my guide of Copenhagen and wanted to see as much as I could.  I found the best brunch place where the locals go, shopped the strand and bought my first pair of tall black boots and just took in this walkable city.  After the two days on my own, I met my group for the first time, which I would come to know very well over the next two years, there in the Copenhagen airport it was revealed that I would be catching a plane to Greenland to spend the week of team building and bonding.  Today I cannot believe I have been given this opportunity, I spent two nights out on the fjord in a tent by myself at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, they gave me a woodstove thinking that would be best for the only girl (this doesn’t work if you don’t stoke it all night) I burned myself and have a scar on my hand to always remind me of this adventure.  Oh yeah we also got out to the fjord by dogs, a sled and dog sled driver, not to mention they put us all in seal skin suits to stay warm.  Out there it was unbelievable; I caught fresh halibut, played Inuit games and viewed the northern lights.   Finally after two days in the cold, we were united with our bags at the hotel and I could enjoy warmth and nice relaxing bath.  That week I learned a lot about myself, my values, and who I am and where I want to go in life, this was not only an unforgettable experience but a start to a new beginning and a life change.  I have included some pictures of this incredible experience, one that I will always cherish.
  3. My next big adventure was to Sydney Australia, this trip was for work again, but I made sure to take a couple days before and after to see this beautiful city down under.  I patted a Koala, held a wallaby, and had a steak on the barbie (found this great restaurant were you cooked your own).  Sydney was beautiful and I would love to go back there and see more of what Australia has to offer, maybe a real adventure in the outback.

I have a lot more travel memories but I will leave you with these three, three very different adventures but all three have a close place in my heart and probably why they are my favorite.

All of her work related travel adventures make me wanna go shoreside sooner rather than later!  I'm not sure I'd be quite so lucky!!