All Day Long

I'm going to take photos with my phone ALL DAY LONG.  I realized this morning that you guys have no idea how I get ready to go back to sea - and how absolutely ridiculous my last 24 hours can be.  My goal is to create a photo montage in the airport - I've got some long layovers in my future! Loose ends take on a whole new meaning when you're at sea.  Let me just phone the bank...oh wait, I won't be in port for 2 more days.  Let me just get that in the mail....hmm, I wonder if the ships agent will buy me postage.  Let me just pick up some shampoo.....gosh darnit, the ships slop chest only has head and shoulders!  You get the idea....all I can say is:  I have a really good Mom and THANK GOODNESS my ship has Satellite Broadband!