Virginia Seashore

I really wanted to share these photos from Virginia and I figured I better get them out now while I have a speedy connection!

This was definitely my favorite day in lovely VA.  Some friends (old and new!) and I went for hike along the seashore.

What do I want to remember most?

Spanish moss dripping from the trees, osprey nests, luxury homes with personal helicopters, pelican tracks in the sand, rope swings and crazy rope swingers, cedar trees and sunshine, marshy grass galore, streams jumped...and splashed when jumps fell short, sandy toes, random chit chat, guppies and spandex covered bums in the air.

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Remember the NextGen Gallery?  You can view the photos as a slideshow allowing them to revolve on their own or, you can click on one photo to enlarge it and then click through until you've seen what you wish, reclick and it will return to its smaller size!  Enjoy!