Holiday Cheer

I try not to get to cheerful around the holidays when I know I'll be on the ship for Christmas. I keep the music, the decorations, the gift buying and the overall giddiness to an absolute minimum. This weekend I broke my unwritten rule. I let a little Christmas in.

My lovely Father sent some holiday inspired roses! Too sweet!  I think this may have been a defining moment in my Holiday Cheer!



Then I found myself at a Holiday Party in all it's glory. Rum and egg nog, kids running through the kitchen pulling down their tights, dogs sprawled on rugs, old friends and great food. I was just starting to think things were winding down when Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up! Strangely exciting!




Yesterday, I spent the day snuggling a cute baby and finding the perfect Christmas tree.

Let's just hope I have an off button so I don't cry myself to sleep on the ship! (just kidding, I'm an old hand at this)

The Holidays are in full swing - enjoy them!!!!