Almond Milk. Ginger. Happy Tummy.

I've mentioned before that I actually get a little seasick at work.  To be honest, I didn't get queezy very often until I moved over to this ship.  It just moves more. I've already devoted an entire post to mal de mar but, I have an important addition to the seasickness guide!

GINGER.  I know, I said that already.  BUT.  Seriously.  GINGER!

If you go to the Asian Grocer you can get these packets of 'Ginger Drink'.  My Mom used to buy them when I was a kid.

It's basically just Ginger in granule form - add hot water and BOOM!  High potency Ginger Drink!

I normally only use half a packet in a mug because it really packs a punch.

It gets better.

Cream it up like you would coffee or tea but with Almond Milk.

I'm tellin' ya - it's a tummy soother!!!!

(For the record - this will settle your stomach regardless of cause.  A little hungover?  Or maybe you legit have the flu...)

Do you feel like you're about to throw up?

Drink This.

Ginger and Almond Goodness.