Nautie Notes :: Basil, Coconut Oil and Dolphins.

Basil.  Oranges.  Mango Lassi.  Love. Dear Sweet Little Basil Plant,

I'm so glad you're coming back to life.  I mean, so, SO glad.  I was really worried about you for awhile there.  A little green in this world of blue is lovely.  Hang in there little friend!

Dear Atlantic Ocean,

I thought we were friends.  You seriously did me wrong this crossing.  You were just so rough.  Ugh.  I know its winter and all but.....really?!

Dear Coconut Oil,

You taste sooo yummy in my Oatmeal.  You have changed breakfast for forever. I now wolf down my morning bowl of Oatmeal happily.  *For all you haters silently thinking, 'chick puts oil in her cereal - no wonder she has a ba-donka-donka' you can just hate away*

Dear Dolphins,

Thank you so much for showing up today.  I needed you.  Badly.  Watching you frolic in the bow wake was as magical as usual.  I loved watching you zoom around skimming just under the surface of the water.  I also loved how white your tummies were.  Again, Thank You.

Dear iTunes,

I don't know if I love the new you.  I can hardly keep up with all the changes in your life.  I feel like we're drifting apart.  Spending time with you just leaves me confused.  I'd love to say, 'it's not's me...' but I can't - it's you.

Dear Hilo House,

You'll soon have a person occupying you.  This is exciting!  Treat them well please.  Tell those nasty spiders to keep to themselves....we don't need to scare them away...

Dear Nautie Friends,

I know I've been a little scarce lately.  Get over it.  Kidding....I'm sorry?  In all seriousness my stress levels have been through the roof the past few days.  I'm feeling a little better and I'm ready to get back in the game!  Enjoy your weekend!


Megan the Nautie Mermate