just a tiny note...

How great is this card my Auntie Noni sent me?!  Love it! 

How great is this card my Auntie Noni sent me?!  Love it! 

Hello Friends, 

I just wanted to mention one small thing: 

I connected my Instagram and Facebook accounts!  Finally, right?! 

I know some of you wanted to see the Instagram pics and couldn't...maybe this will solve the problem? 

When I'm at work (and sheesh, even when I'm at home!) I use Instagram as a microblog. It's just fun and easy and I don't need as much patience with the sluggish Internet. 

Hope this helps Historiauntie! 



Nautie Notes :: Back In Action!

Dear Cargo Cranes, Thank you so, so much for treating us well this port stay. Your kindness won't be forgotten.


Dear Puget Sound,

I love you. Really I do. But the grey and wet....why so grey and wet?! This would be the best place ever for me to live...but grey and wet....


Dear Flower Deliverers,

It was an absolute joy to see you. Loved the flowers. They're hanging in there. This photo has nothing to do with your flower delivery but it's cool right? Slightly flower-esque.


Dear Open Sea,

I'm SO excited to see you again. SO EXCITED. I've missed you.


Dear Little Seal,

You were cute. Thanks for staying still long enough for me to snap away. You're totally a dog mermaid.


Dear Nautie Friends,

Thank you for bearing with my relative blog silence. September marks the traditional start of school - so lets put an end to the undisclosed summer reading break. Nautie Books will be recommencing in just a few days! Summer vacation is winding down....we're back in action! Here's a random picture of my boots with burnt wood. Just because.


Nautie Notes :: The Mexico Edition


Dear Tuxpan Mexico,

You were quite picturesque.  The palm trees, the guava trees, sheesh....just all the lush green foliage gave me a pang of homesickness.  So lovely you were - so lovely.


Dear Mexican Customs,

It was absolutlely thrilling to watch the ship get searched from top to bottom by sniffer dogs.  I mean that.  I have never seen a shipboard dog search before!  Thanks for allowing me to check off another box!


Dear Mexican Tug Boat Operator,

The way you decided to use your own ratty-assed hawser vice the beautiful wires designed for towing the buoy really surprised me.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.  I mean that.  Because Buddy, you're going to need luck.


Dear Mexican Operations Team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that amazing fruit basket.  Amazing is too generic a word for the amount of awesome that basket contained!  (Nautie Friends, fear not...you'll be seeing photos of the fruit....obviously....)


Dear Mexican Offshore Buoy Number One,

I'll miss looking at you sitting on the deck.  You were so big - and colorful - and impressive.  We liked you around here.  I'm quite certain that you'll have a nice new home.  All the best my friend, all the best.


Nautie Notes :: Mahalo's.

Dear Nautie Friends, I was extraordinarily touched by your response to my Salty Sea Hag post.  Your words were kind and they meant A LOT.  Mahalo Nui Loa.

Dear Northern Gulf of Arabia,

Your winter temperatures are divine.  All those nasty things I said about you in the winter, I take those back.  Actually, I don't take those back....I know that you'll be misbehaving here again shortly.

Dear Nautie Book Readers,

As I sat down to write these notes I realized I provided ZERO closure on February's book.  I also realized that it's now March and there has been no book selection.  Oh My.  Someone is dropping the ball.  Quick!  Someone suggest a book!

Dear Little Fishing Boats,

I missed you.  Psych.

Dear Stateroom,

I cleaned you really well.  You're actually quite organized.  I am going to do my ultimate best to keep you that way.  Seriously.  I mean, this morning at 0300 I managed to put yesterdays work socks in the laundry hamper and I hung up my towel from last nights shower.  I know.  Whoa.

Dear Nautie Friends (again),

I'll be back soon.  Or, at least, I'll try.  I'll be in port for the next four days with no iPhone.  This does not bode well for frequent posting!

Nautie Notes :: Basil, Coconut Oil and Dolphins.

Basil.  Oranges.  Mango Lassi.  Love. Dear Sweet Little Basil Plant,

I'm so glad you're coming back to life.  I mean, so, SO glad.  I was really worried about you for awhile there.  A little green in this world of blue is lovely.  Hang in there little friend!

Dear Atlantic Ocean,

I thought we were friends.  You seriously did me wrong this crossing.  You were just so rough.  Ugh.  I know its winter and all but.....really?!

Dear Coconut Oil,

You taste sooo yummy in my Oatmeal.  You have changed breakfast for me....like forever. I now wolf down my morning bowl of Oatmeal happily.  *For all you haters silently thinking, 'chick puts oil in her cereal - no wonder she has a ba-donka-donka' you can just hate away*

Dear Dolphins,

Thank you so much for showing up today.  I needed you.  Badly.  Watching you frolic in the bow wake was as magical as usual.  I loved watching you zoom around skimming just under the surface of the water.  I also loved how white your tummies were.  Again, Thank You.

Dear iTunes,

I don't know if I love the new you.  I can hardly keep up with all the changes in your life.  I feel like we're drifting apart.  Spending time with you just leaves me confused.  I'd love to say, 'it's not you...it's me...' but I can't - it's you.

Dear Hilo House,

You'll soon have a person occupying you.  This is exciting!  Treat them well please.  Tell those nasty spiders to keep to themselves....we don't need to scare them away...

Dear Nautie Friends,

I know I've been a little scarce lately.  Get over it.  Kidding....I'm sorry?  In all seriousness my stress levels have been through the roof the past few days.  I'm feeling a little better and I'm ready to get back in the game!  Enjoy your weekend!


Megan the Nautie Mermate

Nautie Notes :: Playing Catch Up

Dear Airports Everywhere, You provide the best people watching ever.  Yesterday I saw:  a gothic chick with red velvet doc martens, a couture track suit, hipsters in skinny jeans and a women in a homemade dress and bonnet.  best. people. watching. ever.

Dear Starbucks,

As far as I'm concerned your red cups have arrived waaay too early.

Dear iPhone,

Why does the battery seem to die as soon as I use you?  I don't think this is normal.  Are you sick?  Should I be concerned?

Dear Maine,

The fact that you still have leaves on your trees makes me happy.  The reds, yellows and oranges are the icing on the cake.

Dear Lovely House Ladies,

Having a bowl of crack homemade hamburger helper waiting for me when I walked in the door is all sorts of awesome.

Dear Vera Bradley Luggage,

Yesterday, as I was checking out of my flea bag hotel a little old man stopped me to compliment me on my luggage.  I also received compliments from my male taxi driver, the lady at the ticket counter and the TSA inspector.  Compliments + 4 wheels = worth the money I spent on you.

Dear SeaWife,

Your email made me tear up.  I loved it.  I'll write back soon - or call - or stop by.

Dear Nautie Friends,

I'm furiously working on getting the Book Club up to speed.  Pinkie Swear.