Nautie Notes :: Back In Action!

Dear Cargo Cranes, Thank you so, so much for treating us well this port stay. Your kindness won't be forgotten.


Dear Puget Sound,

I love you. Really I do. But the grey and wet....why so grey and wet?! This would be the best place ever for me to live...but grey and wet....


Dear Flower Deliverers,

It was an absolute joy to see you. Loved the flowers. They're hanging in there. This photo has nothing to do with your flower delivery but it's cool right? Slightly flower-esque.


Dear Open Sea,

I'm SO excited to see you again. SO EXCITED. I've missed you.


Dear Little Seal,

You were cute. Thanks for staying still long enough for me to snap away. You're totally a dog mermaid.


Dear Nautie Friends,

Thank you for bearing with my relative blog silence. September marks the traditional start of school - so lets put an end to the undisclosed summer reading break. Nautie Books will be recommencing in just a few days! Summer vacation is winding down....we're back in action! Here's a random picture of my boots with burnt wood. Just because.