Bits Of Sunny

Lets stick with the weather metaphors... Arriving in the puget sound provided a breath of fresh air...literally, the air is fresh...

The mornings are crisp and while it remains overcast there are little patches of sunshine here and there.

...and by sunshine I mean friends and family.

I was lucky enough to have some visitors here! I got to give a tour to some little ones (i.e. men in training) and I also got to show off for my Dad! Totally fun! Totally refreshing!

Here's to a break in the clouds!


Thanks for the flowers - they feel like sunshine.

*also, to all the family I would have loved to see but didn't tell I was coming through...apologies...I would have loved to see you if I wasn't a frazzled mess who made her dad sit in a corner while I ran around on deck. Next time, k?*