Wait For Sunshine


Upon departure from San Diego everyone seemed to curl into themselves.

People seemed tired, fatigued and, down in the dumps.

The transit along the West Coast was foggy, cold and, clammy.

I feel more down in the dumps now than I have any right to and all I can think is that I will just ride it out.

Morale onboard can be cyclical. Ups and downs. Foggy days and sunny days.

When the fog sets in there is little you can do other than sound your signal and stay vigilant.

Sometimes, you come out of the fog and its sunny and bright but, there lurking on the horizon is a distinct bank of fog. All you can do is step out on the bridge wing and get some sun on your face before its time to hunker down again.

Sooner it later the fog lifts. Often times suddenly. I'm looking forward and waiting for some sunshine.