Nautie Notes :: Playing Catch Up

Dear Airports Everywhere, You provide the best people watching ever.  Yesterday I saw:  a gothic chick with red velvet doc martens, a couture track suit, hipsters in skinny jeans and a women in a homemade dress and bonnet.  best. people. watching. ever.

Dear Starbucks,

As far as I'm concerned your red cups have arrived waaay too early.

Dear iPhone,

Why does the battery seem to die as soon as I use you?  I don't think this is normal.  Are you sick?  Should I be concerned?

Dear Maine,

The fact that you still have leaves on your trees makes me happy.  The reds, yellows and oranges are the icing on the cake.

Dear Lovely House Ladies,

Having a bowl of crack homemade hamburger helper waiting for me when I walked in the door is all sorts of awesome.

Dear Vera Bradley Luggage,

Yesterday, as I was checking out of my flea bag hotel a little old man stopped me to compliment me on my luggage.  I also received compliments from my male taxi driver, the lady at the ticket counter and the TSA inspector.  Compliments + 4 wheels = worth the money I spent on you.

Dear SeaWife,

Your email made me tear up.  I loved it.  I'll write back soon - or call - or stop by.

Dear Nautie Friends,

I'm furiously working on getting the Book Club up to speed.  Pinkie Swear.