Nautie Notes :: The Mexico Edition


Dear Tuxpan Mexico,

You were quite picturesque.  The palm trees, the guava trees, sheesh....just all the lush green foliage gave me a pang of homesickness.  So lovely you were - so lovely.


Dear Mexican Customs,

It was absolutlely thrilling to watch the ship get searched from top to bottom by sniffer dogs.  I mean that.  I have never seen a shipboard dog search before!  Thanks for allowing me to check off another box!


Dear Mexican Tug Boat Operator,

The way you decided to use your own ratty-assed hawser vice the beautiful wires designed for towing the buoy really surprised me.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.  I mean that.  Because Buddy, you're going to need luck.


Dear Mexican Operations Team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that amazing fruit basket.  Amazing is too generic a word for the amount of awesome that basket contained!  (Nautie Friends, fear'll be seeing photos of the fruit....obviously....)


Dear Mexican Offshore Buoy Number One,

I'll miss looking at you sitting on the deck.  You were so big - and colorful - and impressive.  We liked you around here.  I'm quite certain that you'll have a nice new home.  All the best my friend, all the best.