Tradesies :: Mexican Bounty

As we were docking in Tuxpan, Mexico I noticed a guava float by.  We were in the mouth of a river and I realized - guavas are in season and I must have some! I can't even begin to relate the amount of nostalgic value the smell of guavas have for me.  I think of guava fights in Waipio Valley.  I think of the guava tree in my backyard that I spent copious amounts of time in and under.  I think of picking buckets full (some even off the side of the road) and making guava juice.  I think of my Auntie Kay's guava punch.  I think of Nainoa calling them gU-A-bA's.

I was sitting at breakfast with one of the operations team.  He didn't speak very much English but I looked at him and said, 'guava - please?'.  He looked at me a little confused and then said, 'Aaaah!  Guayaba!' 'Si'.

I was secretly hoping that when he returned to the vessel he'd bring some with him.

Later in the day I overheard the Port Captain telling another member of the Operations Team, 'the Chief Officer is from Hawaii and she would really like some guayaba'.

At this point I didn't think I'd get to taste this little yellow and pink fruit - not this time around anyways.

A bit later in the day I get called to the gangway because there has been a delivery.

The head of operations had brought me a HUGE basket of tropical (and some not tropical) fruit.  HUGE.  It smelled so good.  I mean, so, so good.  It was loaded with fruit - some I had never even seen before.

fruit basket


We're talking bananas, papaya, pineapple, dragon fruit, mangoes, cantaloupe, grapes, apples, oranges, cactus fruit, and GUAVAS!

Also, can we talk about the basket it came in?!  Hello, welcome addition to my garden!

dragon fruit

This dragon fruit reminded me so much of Singapore.  Most of the dragon fruit grown in Hawaii has a hot pink inside to match its outside.  I ate this juicy white fruit in copious amounts while in Singapore.


Papaya with lime?  My growly tummy thanks you Mexico.  This was just what the doctor ordered!

cactus fruit?

Now if someone could just identify this one for me it would be great.  Cactus fruit?  It had kind of big seeds in it that I think gave me a tummy ache.  But it was tasty!

tropical fruit

Then of course there were the guavas.  Lots of them.  So many of them that I haven't eaten them all yet!  I will say, there was the tiniest part of my brain that said eating Mexican fruit might be disastrous.  I mean we have all heard horror stories.  I'm happy to report that there have been no 'negative reprocussions'.

Thank you Mexico!  This gift blew me away!  So gracious!  The bridge smells like Waipio Valley - delightful!  It was colorful, delicious and healthful!  No scurvy for this crew!


I wrote once about the power of a trade.  I realize this doesn't really count as a trade...I mean, I did provide them breakfast :) It's definitely more in the amazing gift category but, I decided we're calling this a tradesie and that all future trades will get categorized as such!