Aloha Friday v1

This song is a classic in the islands.  When I say classic I mean I've heard it my whole life.  Every Friday every radio station plays it every hour.  Seriously.  

On Fridays when you leave work you wish your coworkers a Happy Aloha Friday.  On Fridays you hum this song when you pass a friend as a joke.  It's #tgif to a whole new level.  

Aloha Friday is a feeling.  It's that luxurious feeling on a Friday afternoon when you know that you've got some play time ahead of you.  

It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday, badoobeedoo badoobadobadobeedoo....

This video isn't fun at all.  It stays that way the whole time but, the song is fun.  It makes me turn the volume up every time it comes on...even if it's the third time in one day I'm hearing it.

I'm also hoping that this turns in to a Nautie Mermate thing.  An island style song featured on Aloha Fridays.  That feels fun.