Going Nomad :: Bali & Nepal


A few months ago - as in right around the time I made this grand proclamation - I saw the above photo in my instagram feed.  A sweet little bungalow in Ubud, Bali.

In my head I had one thought:  


I have been talking about going to Bali for just about my entire life.  My Mom visited Bali a few times when I was just a little girl and brought back tons of stuff.  As I sit here typing and I look around the living room I see a stack of Balinese baskets, a Balinese carving and a Batik throw pillow.

When I knew that I wouldn't have an apartment lined up for myself for the month of October and November I knew it was time.  Time to book some tickets.

My plan was to travel through Bali and Thailand.  Two dreamy, long time put off, destinations.

In July I headed up to BC, where I visited some cousins and drove golf carts.  My Girl Cousin said, 'I'm going to Nepal in October'!  ...and I said, 'ohmygodi'mgoingwithyou'.  

Then, before I knew it, I'd booked myself a ticket to Bali and Nepal.  Mostly because I knew that if I didn't just make it happen, it would never happen.  It's official.  I'll be splitting the month of October in Ubud, Bali and Kathmandu, Nepal. 

I leave next week and should be over the moon excited but, I spend a pretty big part of my day thinking, 'oh boy.  have you bitten off more than you can chew?' and then I think, 'nope, you're gonna be fine...' and then, I wander over to my packed suitcase and paw through things.  For the record, Bali and Nepal require drastically different outfits.

Being without a 'home base' is just as challenging as I expected it to be - it's also just as liberating.  It lends to a fair amount of chaos and upheaval - it also creates a fair amount of opportunity.  It spawns adventure - which was exactly what I was looking for.

Bali!  Nepal!  Nomad!  Adventure!  Yippeeeeee! 


for the record the inspirational photo isn't where I'll be staying....it just got the ball rolling...