Night Photos :: Harvest Moon

A harvest moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal (or September) Equinox.  It can come anywhere from two weeks before the equinox to two weeks after the equinox.  This year it came on the early side between September 8-9.

I was crossing from Japan to California and was treated to some very bright morning watches before the sun rose.  

Because we were advancing our clocks as we crossed the ocean our ship time was majorly out of whack with the actual time zone.  This meant that it was like winter in Alaska - the sun rose really late!  

Harvest Moon At Sea

This photo was taken at six in the morning.  One of my favorite things about Night Photos at sea is the streaking of light.  The fact that I got that moon as round as I did blew my mind!

Harvest Moon At Sea

The following evening I was able to capture some moon beams.  

Moon beams feel magical.  Totally cliche but totally true.

A few more shots of the Harvest Moon....