Aloha Friday v6 + Five Things

...It's Aloha work till Monday...da doobie doo da doobie doobie doobie doo....

Hilo Town & Rainbow

Maybe you were hoping for a song instead of a rainbow over Hilo town?  Yes?  (Click here for the original Aloha Friday song....cause it's the best one ever!)

Now let's do what the rest of the internet does on Friday - list Five Things!

1.  Jet.Lag.  I have never been struck so hard by Jet Lag!  I have felt like a walking zombie the last few days and really only just feel like I'm perking up.  This might be the perfect meme.

2.  I'm pretty sure my friends have been rolling their eyes about my 'big adventure'...I'm also pretty sure this New York Times article confirms it.

3.  One of the Kathmandu Girls had these Lululemon pants - and then everyone else went home and bought them - and love them - I'm having serious FOMO and think I might need to acquire some.  

4.  I went to Central Kitchen for dinner this week.  It really, really deserves a post of its own.  So really, I only told you that to brag because dude, dinner was delicious.

5.  I kind of want to apologize for not blogging in a while and, I kind of want to promise to jump on the band wagon soon but them I'm pretty sure this hilarious article would have my name in it.

Have a Fabulous Weekend Nautie Friends!!!!!