Last Morning in Bali

Where does time go?  Why do good times seem to make time disappear more quickly?


This morning I woke up early to pack up and then headed out the door for one last coffee at my favorite hang.

Along the way I passed an impromptu produce stand.


I just felt so lucky. Lucky to be able to snap a picture. Lucky to see all the fresh vegetables. Lucky to have a favorite hang. Lucky to have friends and family who supported this trip.

Im not going to lie - I have some guilt about the lack of blogging I did along the way. The flip side is it allowed me to work on my travel book / journal. (You can be sure I'll blog about this in the future because I learned a few things.)  The other flip side is I want to really look at my photos - not just on the iPad - and really decide what to share.

Here's the truth, it's hard to decide what to share because it all feels so personal. I realize I'm the queen of over share but, I find myself wanting to hold this close to my chest. It's mine

I figure for now I don't have to decide what to share. I'll just finish my Flat White (my favorite coffee which I haven't sampled since New Zealand), write my last postcards and try to shove the last few items into my pack. 

Wishing you a day filled with Luck!