Annie C. Maguire

My post a few days back called 'A walk, a drive and the library.' featured photos that I took at the Portland Head Light.  In one of the photos their is an inscription on the rocks about the shipwreck of the Annie C. Maguire. I think I've mentioned that I have an Auntie who's a historian.  This morning she sent me this note:

"Thought you might enjoy reading this...although you may know it already about the Annie C. Maguire."

The note was accompanied by a link to read more about the wreck of the Annie C. Maguire.

For the record....I didn't know anything about the Annie C. Maguire.  It is an awesome shipwreck story!!!!  You should all read it!

Thanks so much Historiauntie!  (I think I just discovered your Nautie Mermate code name :)  It's a little play on words....historian + auntie!  Perfect!)