The night before last I had a very strange evening.  A friend of a friend would be playing with their band in a downtown Portland pub. I walk in and look around and it was seriously like a time warp.  You honestly couldn't tell that it is 2011.  Maybe 1969 isn't the right year....but it looked like my Dad would fit right in with bell bottoms a leather vest over an artsy fartsy shirt and his 'reduce the arms race' pin.  Seriously.  So strange.

What was even stranger was that when the bands started playing it was death metal.  No lie, death metal.  I took some videos of it all intending to post them here but then, my conscience reared its ugly head and I decided not to post it since I can't give proper credit.

The good news is I went all paparazzi with my iPhone so you can see what I'm talking about!



I was correct, wasn't I?  That was strange....