A walk, a drive and the library.

I've been working on figuring out how to spend my days without spending money.  It's not as easy as it sounds!  Shopping is fun! I currently spend a lot of time taking walks and going to the library.  Sometimes I go for a walk to the library and then I come home and read - but at this point lazying on the couch is okay because I've been for a walk!

I have also started driving to new walking locations.  My favorites have been Crescent Beach State Park and Portland Head Light.  They are both near Cape Elizabeth - which means it's a fairly nice drive to get there.  I've always been a fan of 'let's go for a drive'.  Sometimes at home in Hawaii I'll drive out to Onomea just to do the scenic loop and then I'll go home - driving to Cape Elizabeth is similar.

Maine is amazingly beautiful.  I've always thought so however; now that I haven't been wearing khaki for four years and, have regained the soul the regiment of midshipmen sucked dry, it's extra beautiful.

It seems like every time I leave the house without my camera I end up going on a walk where I see the most amazing thing.  It's almost comical really.  I was in Boothbay several days ago and I took a walk down to Ocean Point with friend.  The sky was golden - literally golden (because it was four o'clock and the sun was setting but, that is a rant unto itself).  The trees were lit up and there were american flags flying, islands with lighthouses in the background, and waves crashing on rocks.  I seriously had to shake my head that I didn't have a camera.

Here are a couple photos from when I did remember to take my camera!  (For the record....that barefoot in the sand totally tripped me out....it's soooo cold at the beach!)