Living on my couch.

what my ottoman currently looks like...

what my ottoman currently looks like...

I've been laying on my couch taking herbal remedies and blowing my nose for about 48 hours.  Now, I know this sounds a little whoa is me...and trust is a little whoa is me because, seriously, being sick absolutely blows.

The good news is that I'm all caught up on my shows.  I really love Naked and Afraid.  I also just started The People v O.J. Simpson - it's actually really well down - and why am I so surprised the Kardashians are involved?!  My Granma was absolutely convinced that O.J. was framed.  Convinced.  I kind of seems like he did it...also, a little suspicious that the show starts and then they find another piece of evidence....(imagine me coughing while saying bullshit)...

My Mom came over yesterday and made me chicken soup.  Then she hung out with me all afternoon while we watched Hoarders.  Best.  Mom.  Ever.  You know what Marie Kondo says?  All storage experts are hoarders.  That officially makes me a hoarder.  Baskets?  I got baskets.  

The good news is I had made and frozen a bunch of soup in mini portions so:  I.  am.  set.  

Hope you're all facing spring with your colds behind you!

Here's to healthy immune systems!

Thoughts on being home.

The thing about spending half your year at sea - or just away from home - is that nothing stops while you're away.  


In my mad dash to head out the door I left a little sweet potato stuck in a glass on my windowsill. It had two tiny sprouts coming out the top. This is what I came home to. How it survived let alone thrived is beyond me.  

It's the perfect analogy for just about everything else in my life. 

My family. My friendships. My home.  

I often times leave and return to find things have changed.  

After ten years what I know is this - the things that are meant to be will be here when I return. You know that friend you can see after five years and it's like nothing has changed?  Some things are just meant to be.  

It always takes a few days after coming home to assess the lay of the land.  

What's new. What's the same. What's something I need to let go of. What's broken. What doesn't matter if it never gets fixed.   

People keep asking 'what are your plans this time home?' and what I really wanna say is, 'leave me alone.  I don't need a plan.' but, I don't. I pretend I'm socially adept and tell them what they want to hear.  

Then I hang out in my house. I water my new little sweet potato plant. I rummage through my shelves to see all the things I've forgotten I like. I stream music (because hello cell phone reception is glorious). I wear my pajamas until the afternoon. I shoo the neighborhood cats off my porch.  

My plan is to do that on repeat. The people who don't care I've been gone will stop by and join me.  

Stuff. All of the STUFF.

Apparently I have a lot of 'stuff'.  I mean that in the most literal way possible.  This week I've been digging through boxes because apparently when you 'go nomad' you tuck boxes of stuff here there and everywhere.

car + stuff

I've been sifting, sorting and piling....and then avoiding, ignoring and coffee'ing...repeat.

Do you see what I'm doing here?  I'm ignoring the fact that you guys wanna know how the last hitch went and I 'm ignoring the fact I've been MIA.  Am I distracting you?  Is it working?  Let's carry on, shall we....

Here's the good news:  I fly to Hilo this week!  To say I'm excited might be an understatement.

Hope you lovelies are having a Happy Sunday! 

Here's to blogging comebacks!  Here's to vacation!  Here's to spring cleaning!


It's my last day of being in charge of these little bunnies.  I think I need to admit that I'm gonna miss them scratching at the backs of my legs while I mix up their din-din.

I'll drive your golf cart...for free!

I've never played golf...or really had any desire to play golf.  When my cousin asked me to play golf with him I pretty much rolled my eyes.

Then he said, 'you don't have to 'play' can drive the cart and drink a beer'.  Done.  

sandpiper harrison bc
kindle at the golf course

Let me tell you Nautie Friends, I'm happy to drive any of your carts anytime anywhere.  Do I get to bring my Kindle?  Even better!

I ended up at the Sandpiper course in Harrison Mills, BC. The course was beautiful.  I mean like full on natural splendor everywhere you look.  I don't play golf but I highly recommend this course!