Stuff. All of the STUFF.

Apparently I have a lot of 'stuff'.  I mean that in the most literal way possible.  This week I've been digging through boxes because apparently when you 'go nomad' you tuck boxes of stuff here there and everywhere.

car + stuff

I've been sifting, sorting and piling....and then avoiding, ignoring and coffee'ing...repeat.

Do you see what I'm doing here?  I'm ignoring the fact that you guys wanna know how the last hitch went and I 'm ignoring the fact I've been MIA.  Am I distracting you?  Is it working?  Let's carry on, shall we....

Here's the good news:  I fly to Hilo this week!  To say I'm excited might be an understatement.

Hope you lovelies are having a Happy Sunday! 

Here's to blogging comebacks!  Here's to vacation!  Here's to spring cleaning!