Hello House, Remember Me?

My house and I have a long complicated history. We're kind of like a married couple who have a bitter divorce but then realize it really was meant to be and re-marry.  Except now that we've remarried we actually have to relearn eachothers quirks and idiosyncrasies. 

As in, oh yeaaah, that pink bathroom tile on the front porch really did always irritate me!   I forgot about that....  We're married again now though so I guess I better get over it...maybe I can just throw a lauhala may down and take a sun drenched photo?


The house has a lot of BIG projects that require tackling...like the gutters need cleaning, the exterior needs bleach and paint, *ahem* the front porch needs new tile...

Even though these projects are BIG I'm considering them the 'micro' and am instead focusing on the 'macro'. 

The overall big picture is that I need to learn to love my house again.

It's cute. Undeniably adorable.

Except I need to get comfortable here - make it feel like mine - again.

I'm still waiting for my things to arrive...I mean we all know how unpredictable those shipping schedules can be *wink*!  In the meantime I'm just relaxing here. 


I'm making coffee. I'm hanging curtains. I'm setting out photos. I'm listening to music. I'm working on the macro.  

I'm also documenting a lot of this process on Instagram with the hashtag #haleonautie (Hale O Nautie = House Of Nautie).