Link Love :: It's about time!

I have been neglecting to share my internet finds!  Enjoy Nautie Friends!


For some reason I've always loved Paul Newman - although I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie.  When I saw these photos of Paul with his wife Joanne Woodward it made me love him even more.

Mona Simpson, Steve Jobs' sister gave him a eulogy that was incredibly moving.

I loved this:  What Would Best Case Scenario Me Do?

As you know, I love hydrangeas.  I think someday I'll try giving hydrangeas a bath.

This is how I feel on vacation - sometimes I'm amazed that I know how to work!

I've always dreamed of opening a tea shop....but a traveling tea parlour might be waaaay cooler.

I've been listening to The Beach Boys album that has just been released called SMiLE.  It's a little strange....think The Beach Boys + The Beatles.....they might have been on drugs.....I would categorize it as awesome.

I ordered myself some new business cards - I now have a casual card and a professional card.  I could shop at moo all day's all part of my office supply fetish.

Lastly, I LOVED this Nerd Win.