Ask Away!

I'm home today doing nothing.  (I know...I did nothing yesterday too...) I know I have already said this but, I'll say it again...I've been going non stop!  In the process I've managed to get a really nasty cold - I'll refrain from telling you what color my boogers are.

I'm enjoying an orange goodness (of course!) and I managed to make a fairly tasty omelette....and I'm getting caught up on all my favorite blogs!

I really like it when bloggers ask questions at the end of their post.  I never, ever answer but, it usually gets me thinking.

I know I have asked you all this before - but, I'm going to ask again.

What would you most like to know about what it is like to go to sea for a living?  

Are there any questions that you are dying to ask but maybe feel a little shy?