Warm and Dry (aka - the first snow)

Saturday evening I drove up from Cape Cod as fast as I could trying to beat the storm. A winter storm advisory on October 28th?! Are you kidding me?!By Sunday morning I was snuggled under the covers looking at my snow covered skylight. I leaned over to flick on the light and that's when I realized the power was out. I payed there as silently as possible listening to see if air was going to come through my register as I mentally reviewed the components of a natural gas forced air heating system. Electric blower - doh! The storm was a particular doozy because the leaves haven't fallen yet! There were a lot if downed limbs...simply because the trees couldn't support the weight of all that snow in the leaves. The power was restored fairly quickly but it certainly got me thinking - where would I go and what would I do. The good 'ole what if game. Having a prolonged lazy morning sealed the deal - I followed through with a lazy day.....minus a walk in the woods. I think I watched three movies. I've been on the go non stop which hasn't been blog friendly however; it did provide excellent blog fodder! I'm going to spend the next few days playing catch up.....while staying warm and dry of course! I hope all you Nautie Folk are warm and dry too!